"Tony's got a youthful, "fun" tone to his voice, but can also do the dark, dramatic
stuff too. I've worked with a lot of image voices over the years and I think he's the
best find yet."
                                                                                   Jeff Serr, Imaging Director
                                                                                   Go Country 105, Los Angeles

"GREAT stuff Tony. I can't thank you enough. You are the poster man for great service
and follow through."
                                                                                   Mike Donovan, Consultant
                                                                                   Vallie, Richards, Donovan Consulting

"Tony Banks is a pro. My simple writings are always turned around that day and
if he takes a break...I get the e-mail a month out...not week of. The guy has
always been there for The Bridge at 105.5 since day one!"
                                                                                   Mike Allen, Operations Manager
                                                                                   WYBB & WCOO, Charleston

"Tony is a consummate pro, fun and easy to work with, and a big part of our success."
                                                                                   Tony Florentino, Former Ops Manager
                                                                                   Clear Channel Radio, Columbus

"Tony's reads are always dead-on...he captures the vibe we're trying to create for The Pulse and is the perfect addition to the Sirius XM voice family..."
                                                                                   Jon Zellner, Former Sr. Vice President
                                                                                   Music Programming
                                                                                   Sirius XM Satellite Radio

"You're so quick with the sessions and do a great job! Great to have you on Mix!"
                                                                                   Steve Granato, Program Director
                                                                                   WMXY, Youngstown

"Tony Banks is the best kept secret in the voiceover world. If you're looking
for a sound that's fresh, hip and REAL...Tony is your guy! He sounds phenomenal
for us in Youngstown on MIX 98.9."
                                                                                  Sean Stevens
                                                                                  Director of Market Imaging
                                                                                  Clear Channel Worldwide

"When we need something, we need it NOW and we need it RIGHT. We got both from Tony. I got the perfect read every time and personal service. I never got "lost" in voice mail or email."
                                                                                   Bob Walton, Former Ops Manager
                                                                                   Clear Channel Radio, Delaware

"East Coast Radio serves an audience of over 2 million listeners...You need to have a network of professional voice overs who can turn around quality reads in quick time. Tony Banks does more than this. He's professional, he sounds great, and my clients love the energy he brings to his work. Tony may as well be down the road from me. All I do is send one email detailing my needs and before I know it, I have the audio...Tony Banks you're a lifesaver in this hectic radio business, and a professional one at that too."
                                                                                  Neville Pillay, Creative Head
                                                                                  East Coast Radio
                                                                                  Durban, South Africa

"We have just had a listen to the new stuff you had done before Christmas... brilliant."
                                                                                  Dean O'Brien, Programme Director
                                                                                  Bauer Media/97.4 Rock FM
                                                                                  Lancashire, U.K.